◆In 2015, KBT is listed on NEEQ. Stock code: 831958.

In 2014, KBT brand is granted as China Famous Trade Mark.

 In June 2013, Kenbotong successfully won two biddings: "China Telecom 2013 indoor distribution system centralized
 procurement project"& "China Telecom 2013 base station antenna products centralized procurement project". 

In 2012, KBT company won the " fourteen consecutive years ( 1998 -2012 years ) Credible Enterprise".
2012, KBT's  2.4GHz dual-polarized directional multibeam antennas  and MIMO systems with dual-band circular array antenna were awarded the Guangdong High-Tech Product .

◆On September 30,2011, KBT awarded " China Top 10 antenna manufacturers " title.

◆On September 14,2011, Vice prime minister of state council of china Wang Yang visited KBT.

◆On January 25,2010, Kenbotong Technology Park,which is located in Chancheng High-tech Development Zone is put into service. 

◆ In 2009, KBT is Honored as State-level High-tech Enterprise.

◆ In 2008, KBT's Broadband Dual-polarization Microwave Antenna(TDJ-5158P9Ax2)was awarded Guangdong Pivot New Product of the Year.
◆ In 2007, Kenbotong Technology Park started foundation.
◆ In 2006, KBT's WLAN Broadband Omni-directional Antenna(TQJ-5158A) and WiMAX Broadband Panel Antenna(TDJ-3500BKR-W)were awarded Guangdong Pivot New Product of the Year.
◆ In 2006, KBT Passed the Audit of ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification Successfully.
◆ In 2005, KBT Antennas played an important role in finding the re-entry capsule of Shenzhou VI immediately and accurately.
◆ In 2005, KBT's 900MHz Horizontal Polarization Waveguide Omni-directional Antenna(TQJ-900H9) and 5.8GHz High Gain Horizontal Polarization Panel Antenna( TDJ-5800JHW16) were awarded Guangdong Pivot New Product of the Year.
◆ In 2005, KBT became the only antenna supplier in China recognized by MOTOROLA (Supplier Certification No. 0857141).
◆ In 2005, to support the ever increasing demand of KBT's products in North America, KBT Communications Inc, an U.S. based company, located at the heart of Silicon Valley, California, was formed. At the same time, the KBT's RF Technology Research and Development Centre was established.
◆ In 2004, KBT designed and developed the 3G Full Band Dual Polarization Panel Antenna (KBT60DP15-20) and the High Performance 3500MHz Horizontal Polarization Panel Antenna (TDJ-3500GZH) which were awarded Guangdong Pivot NewProduct of the Year.
◆ In 2003, the newly developed 5800MHz High Gain Omni-directional Fiberglass Antenna and 5800MHz Directional Panel Antenna have won numerous awards. These two types of antennas were listed into the Guangdong Province Torch Project of the Year, authenticated by Guangdong Province Science and Technology Bureau, entitled the No.1 Technology Award in Foshan City and,  received special R&D project fund from China National Financial Department and Commerce Department.
◆ In 2003,KBT proudly gained national recognition as KBT's antennas were chosen by the Chinese Space Program -Shenzhou V, the spacecraft that sent the first Chinese into space – an undisputable testimonial to the high quality and reliability of KBT's antenna products.
◆ In 2002, the 800MHz Dual Polarization Panel Antenna was awarded to be the Guangdong Pivot New Product of the Year.
◆ In 2002, KBT was honored by Guangdong Science and Technology Bureau as the Guangdong Hi-tech Enterprise of the Year. In the same year, KBT established its international business and received import and export authorization.
◆ In 2001, KBT's 280MHz New Type Paging Base Station Antenna was listed into the Guangdong  Province Torch Project of the Year.
◆ In 2001, KBT proudly received the internationally recognized ISO9001:2000 certification from SGS (UK).
◆ KBT has been awarded as Faithful and Honorable Enterprise by Foshan City Government for seven consecutive years since 1998.
◆ In 1998, KBT was the first and only high-tech antenna manufacturer approved by the Linear Antenna Committee of China Antenna Institute.

ISO 9001:2008    ISO 14001:2004
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