Why Choose KBT

◆KBT is one of the largest communication antenna export suppliers in China. We have abundant experience in research & development ,production and sales.

◆ We have kinds of product series, the frequency ranges from 1.5MHz to11GHz,it covers the communication systems like HF,VHF,UHF,McWiLL,RFID,GPS,SCDMA,GSM,CDMA,3G,LTE,WLAN,Wi-Fi,WiMAX and microwave which can meet customers multiple needs. We can also provide kinds of relative antenna products and accessories, such as splitter, coupler, surge lightning protector, clamp and cable etc.

◆ We have the advantage of indoor coverage antenna and WLAN antenna. Moreover we are one of the few large manufacturers in China who can produce these two antennas. We cooperate with some major WLAN sales branches because of our WLAN antenna have excellent reputation in the world.

◆Producing and testing instruments are complete, now we have many automatic production line,30 sets of HP/Agilent vector network analyzers,SUMMITEK intermodulation testing instruments,antenna far field automatic measurement system,large microwave chamber, Agilent frequency spectrum analyzer, and many sets of environments testing instruments and RoHS testing instrument.

◆ We possess the ability of ODM and OEM that we can customize products based on customer needs.

◆ We have agencies in China and many countries. It makes our service better and responds to customers’requirement quicker.

◆ We strictly carry out GB 9410-88《mobile communication antenna technology rule》and YD/T 1059-2004 《mobile communication system base station antenna technology condition 》.

◆ The research & development and production of our products strictly comply with ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

◆ We have strong ability to develop new products. Our new products follow up the marketing requirement and have the short developing cycles.

◆ Our products have the features of safety, reliability, well-function. They have gone through many environmental test and can totally meet national and professional standards, such as : high-low temperature test , Temperature/Humidity test, shaking test, Salt Mist Corrosion test and simulating car-transportation shaking test . Our different kinds of antennas have successfully applied in Shenzhou 5 and Shenzhou 6 re-entry capsule ground search and rescue system.

◆ We possess the ability of sales and service integration: the pre-sales, point-of-sale, post-sales service management system is made up of sales department, product manage department, sales manage department and engineer department. Sales department is responsible for communicating with the customers; product manage department is responsible for providing solutions and answer customers’ questions, they will also provide on-site solution when it is necessary; sales manage department is responsible for placing orders, delivering goods, tracking the customers’ using condition and completing the satisfaction survey; engineer department is responsible for installing and testing products and provide technology support immediately.

ISO 9001:2008    ISO 14001:2004
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